We verify assumptions about the marketing of your product in a marketing MVP and thus prepare the project correctly


fully agile
Our project is carried out by us as an agile marketing project in the form of sprints / marketing waves


Your marketing procedures and processes are recorded by us and converted into marketing automation processes for multi- or omni-channel marketing


made easy
We digitize your sales and establish a results-based marketing of an S(ales)MARKTING organization
Why a digital sales pitch? In order to sell something new successfully in offline sales, the potential customer must be aware of the message, the product or the brand.

The statistics say that this requires 7 touchpoints in order to be consciously perceived by the interested party.

In the offline channel, this requires a lot of effort (personnel, money, time, etc.). It is easy to scale in the online channel - for a successful online sale, ONLY a successful offline sales pitch is required.
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Selling your product to everyone in your market segment definitely works - but not to everyone at the same time. Each of your prospects has an individual affinity to your message, your product and your brand. Correctly addressed and converted to customers, turns your customer into an ambassador in order to develop the other maturity levels of your market segment in a targeted and sustainable manner. The catchphrase for this is information diffusion.

What phase are you in?

You have an idea or your digital product is ready and you want to market it digitally

Your digital product is ready, but the digital marketing does not work or is broken

Your digital product is ready and converted, but digital marketing doesn't scale

Customers and partners we enjoy working with ...

... are companies and people who look ahead and want to redefine their customer experience. This includes digital start-ups and digital product houses, VCs/Investors, CEOs/CTOs and entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs.

Where does the digital sales pitch come from?


In strategy consulting, especially when building digital business models, business design approaches such as business model generation, value proposition design, blue ocean strategy, customer journey mapping and personas as well as various elements from design thinking are used. The compression of this information often requires radical methods in order to realize the effectiveness of the new digital business model for a targeted and sustainable marketing strategy and, in particular, its implementation. For this we use best practices from agile software development such as fail-fast, trust-fast, 80/20 rule according to Pareto, MVP, results and practice before assumptions and concepts, etc.

This form of advice has been intensified at Success Consultants since 2010 and implemented and further developed in numerous projects. The operationalization from this was anchored in the green flames in order to implement an effective marketing strategy with the know-how.

Why a digital sales pitch?


Due to new dynamics in the economy, customers are segmenting themselves further and customer behavior is becoming more and more difficult to predict. In addition, there is the challenge that potential interested parties know their needs better and better and choose their service providers themselves. This means that more than 80% of inquiries to companies in sales are carried out by interested parties who already know what they want, i.e. classic sales in offline sales can influence around 20% of inquiries. This also means that classic sales today are simply no longer able to produce personal success through their own work. This is where the digital sales pitch comes into play. The aim here is to digitize and automate the functioning offline sales pitch, and to offer it dynamically to the various customer segments and 24x7.

How does the digital sales pitch differ from performance marketing?


The digital sales pitch is a transformation model to digitize functioning offline sales pitches and to automate them as digital sales pitches, i.e. We work very strongly in terms of design and transformation until it is clear how the product is to be marketed digitally. Performance marketing is a methodology in marketing to generate more speed and better results in established marketing. However, if it is unclear how your own product is to be marketed digitally, we would advise against a performance marketing approach, as the required dynamics do not lead to sustainable results.

How is our process model?


Realizing a digital sales pitch requires a value proposition design in which USPs and the unfair advantage are linked to the respective customer segment in order to create a product presentation for the customer (customer deck). This information is necessary in order to realize the sales pitch as an offline sales pitch in the first step and then to continue and automate this as a digital sales pitch as part of a marketing MVP and then as digital campaigns. We implement these digital campaigns in sprints - we also call them marketing / sales waves.

What is an MVP?


An MVP stands for Minimal Viable Product and is used in agile software development for prototype development. The aim of an MVP is to develop an 80% product with 20% of the effort and to show this to potential customers. The MVP thus supports a fail-fast strategy for an agile project approach. For the realization of a digital sales pitch, we build a marketing MVP to bring the product in connection with the respective customer segments and to derive a conversion strategy for growth.

How is the project onboarding structured?


In our project model, we carry out project scoping at the beginning of our collaboration. This includes an inventory of the project situation. Wishes, needs and acute challenges are important project parameters in order to define the framework for cooperation. The effort for this is max. 3 hours set.

We then develop a rough concept from one of the initial discussions and expand this with the necessary elements for realizing a digital sales pitch from previous projects. Using a heat mapping model, we show important project fields and success factors for project implementation. In summary, we transport the rough concept as a recommendation for action in a joint and determine the next steps for a project start.

How long is the project duration?


After a joint project onboarding, we carry out a marketing MVP as a proof-of-concept in order to verify assumptions and realize important empirical values ​​for implementation. After acceptance and approval of the MVP, the implementation starts as an agile marketing project, which is carried out in a maximum period of 6 to 8 months. The plan for this is started in the project onboarding and then further detailed as part of the MVP. If the project cannot be implemented during this period, the corresponding user stories are re-prioritized early on, with the consequence that the project is cut differently.

What software do we need?


No special software requirements are required to implement a Marketing MVP. All that is needed here is a website, simple marketing automation software and standard marketing tools. The focus in the MVP is heavily on project organization and customer behavior in order to prepare the agile marketing project.

For the actual implementation project, a marketing infrastructure is required to set up marketing procedures and processes and to automate them. We recommend using established manufacturers of CRM systems and marketing automation software to enable smooth integration.

Digital Marketing vs. digitized advertising?


We often have an exchange with marketing departments in companies about the actual definition of digital marketing. Our perception here is that with the term the old world of advertising collides with the new world of results-based marketing and that there are misunderstandings in the room. We defined digital marketing as a result-based activity in digital channels such as Facebook & Co, e-mail newsletters, YouTube, movement on the website, etc. and bring this into the context of a customer journey map. The important thing here is that this activity can be measured and optimized in order to achieve a benefit or a result within the scope of the investment (ROI).

Digitized advertising, on the other hand, follows the advertising campaigns from the analogue world in the digital channels. This can be seen in communication strategies for websites, social media awareness with a focus on reach and inexpensive advertisements in order to place the brand with as many people as possible and to raise awareness. This type of project definitely has added value if there is sufficient budget and the focus is on awareness of messages, products or a brand. For marketing projects in which the target group, the product and the brand do not yet have a clear definition, digitized advertising is "OVERKILL" and only burns the budget with no result.

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